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EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL. Volume 11 Number 3  2012   ISSN 1474-9041


-   Kirsten Sivesind, Jan van den Akker & Moritz Rosenmund. Editorial. The European Curriculum: restructuring and renewal

-   Daniel Scholl. Are the Traditional Curricula Dispensable? A Feature Pattern to Compare Different Types of Curriculum and a Critical View of Educational Standards and Essential Curricula in Germany

-   Daniel Sundberg & Ninni Wahlström. Standards-based Curricula in a Denationalised Conception of Education: the case of Sweden

-   Nienke Nieveen & Wilmad Kuiper. Balancing Curriculum Freedom and Regulation in the Netherlands

-   Philippe Méhaut & Christopher Winch. The European Qualification Framework: skills, competences or knowledge?

-   Jaana Seikkula-Leino, Elena Ruskovaara, Heikki Hannula & Tuija Saarivirta. Facing the Changing Demands of Europe: integrating entrepreneurship education in Finnish teacher training curricula

-   David Leat, Ulrike Thomas & Anna Reid. The Epistemological Fog in Realising Learning to Learn in European Curriculum Policies

-   Natalie Papanastasiou. Comparison as Curriculum Governance: dynamics of the European-wide governance technology of comparison within England’s National Curriculum reforms

-   Stavroula Philippou. ‘Europe’ as an Alibi: an overview of twenty years of policy, curricula and textbooks in the Republic of Cyprus – and theirreview

-   Fátima Antunes. ‘Tuning’ Education for the Market in ‘Europe’? Qualifications, Competences and Learning Outcomes: reform and action on the shop floor

-   REVIEW ESSAY Francesca Gobbo. The Bias of Markets

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